International Academic Seminar "In search of the Face of the City"

15 May 2021 року

On May 14-15, 2021, in order to summarize the outcomes of the CityFace project, the international academic seminar "In Search of the City Face: Practices of Self-Representation of Multinational Cities of Ukraine in the Industrial and Post-Industrial Era" was held.

The seminar was attended by more than 50 scholars from universities in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Berdiansk, and Ostroh. Scholars from Ukraine, Germany, and Poland reviewed the reports. The seminar consisted of five sessions: "Urban Studies: New Horizons", "The City Metaphorical", "The City Personified", "The City Symbolic" and "The City Vernacular."

Program of the seminar by the link.

Summaries of the reports:

Video reports (optional) by the link.

The general report of the curators of the CityFace project for 2018-2021 (download).

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